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Miscellaneous Aviation, Navy & Army Pins

             RNLAF - Cocarde (Old)                                RNLAF - Cocarde New

       RNLAF - Retired Personnel Club                     RNLAF - Mini Pilot Wing  

     RNLAF - Soesterberg AFB (Old)                 RNLAF - Soesterberg AFB (New)

RNLAF - Mil ATCC - Nieuw Milligen AFB          RNLAF - 299 Sqn Light Aviation

RNLAF - 1st Guided Missile Wing 'Nike'    RNLAF - 2nd Guided Missile Wing 'Nike'

          RNLAF - 118 Sqn GMW 'Nike'                RNLAF - Maintenance Group GMW

RNLAF - 1st Guided Missile Wing 'Nike'    RNLAF - 1st Guided Missile Wing 'Nike'
         RNLAF - F-16 With Flashlight                     RNLAF - F-16 With Flashlight

                          RNLAF                                                            RNLNAS

      Dutch Space & Aeronautic Lab             Royal Dutch Aviation Club (KNVvL)

                   Australian AF                                    Australian AF Mini Wing

                      Belgian AF                                Belgian AF - Technical School

          NATO TLP - Compettitar                                               USAF(E)

                   Friends of the RAF                                        New Zealand AF                 

             HMS Illustrious (GB) carrier                    HMS Invinceble (GB) carrier

            RAF - Group HQ - 8 Sqn                                          RAF - 8 Sqn

                       RAF - 9 qn                                                      RAF - 14 Sqn

                        Czech AF                                 Italian AF- Pilot Wing Miniature

               Israel AF - 101 Sqn                                    Israel AF - 109 Sqn

                Israel AF - 118 Sqn                              Israel AF - MALAD UAV Sqn

               South Korean AF                                  Sovjet Russian Air Force
      USAF - AC-130 Gunship 'Spectre'              Yougoslavian Glider Instructor

       Yougoslavian Para Commando                Yougoslavian Aircraft Factory

             Yougoslavian Air Force                      Yougoslavian Jet Anniversary

        Yougoslavian Engine Factory                    Lockheed Super Constellation

           Belgian Navy- Alouette III                                 F-16 'Fighting Falcon'         

        JSF F-35 'Lightning II' - Silver                   JSF F-35 'Lightning II' - Gold

             Fokker f-27 'Friendship'                             Douglas DC-3 'Dakota'

                    Saab 'Gripen'                                    Eurofighter 'Typhoon II'

            Mc Donnell F-15 'Eagle'                                 Lockheed P-3C 'Orion'

                 Breguet Atlantic II                           Alpine -  Swiss Helicopter Company

  Royal Dutch Airliner Comp. (KLM) Old     Royal Dutch Airliner Comp. (KLM) New

 MALERT - German Airliner Company      Lufthansa - German Airliner Company

   JAT - Japanese Airliner Company                           RNL Marines Corps

       RNL Army - van Heutz Regiment            RNL Army - Garde Regiment Jagers 

  RNL Army 1st December Div. Jubilee 

Police & Shooting Gadgets
Miscellaneous Pins

          Dutch Reserve Police Force              International Shooting Competition

     Dutch Hunter Field Target Team              Dutch Field Target Association

   Dutch Marine Corps Shooting Club             German Shooting Association

        Yougoslavian Shooting Club