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 Pocket Ensigns
 Air & Armoured Forces  Personnel & Commands

                                 RNLAF HQ Staff                                                             RNLAF Command HQ

                          RNLAF Soesterberg AFB                                                  RNLAF Ypenburg AFB

                      RNLAF Twenthe AFB                                                 TAC Helicopter Grp. ~ Gilze Rijen AFB

     RNLAF Elementary Military Education School                            RNLAF Warrent Officers School

                         RNLAF Technical School                                             RNLAF Technical Support Grp.

                       RNLAF INTELL Service                                                   RNLAF Comms & Meteo Grp.

                      RNLAF Eindhoven AFB                                                     RNLAF Military Sportsman

     RNL Army National Reserve (South-Holland)                              Air Mobility Brigade Heli Crew

                   Allied Air Forces Europe HQ                           NATO Integrated Comms. Sys. Management Agency

   Belgian AF Line Armament ~ Kleine Brogel AFB                              Belgian AF 15 Wing Transport

                     Belgian AF 18 Sqn Heli                                                             Belgian Defence CIS

              Belgian AF MilATTC Semmerzake                                              Belgian AF Police Force

            Belgian AF Audio & Video Service Old                            Belgian AF Audio & Video Service New

     German AF Exhibition Unit 'Unsere Luftwaffe'                    German AF 1 Squadron of Fighting Grp 74

     German AF 2 Squadron  Air Tranport Grp 61                      German AF Missile Firing Range ~ Crete

        German Naval Heli Grp - Strahlsund AFB                     German AF College for Business Qualifications

              German AF 33 Sqn Figters 2nd Flight                                German AF General Medical Doctor

                   German Naval Air Service                                            Bulgarian AF 16th Airbase ~ Sofia

   HQ Company  German French Brigade (Army)                              German French Brigade (Army)

                    Polish AF 10 Years of Duty                                                   Polish AF 25 Years of Duty

                       Polish Naval Air Service                                                    Belgian Air Force Heli Wing

                       US Army Air Force WII                                                           USAF Defense School

      S ovjet Russian AF Soldier of the year                                      Sovjet Russian Garde Regiment

                        South African Army                                                                     UN Dutch Bat